Pc Activity - Motherboard  


The motherboard is a component used to connect all devices and components of a PC between them. This is the platform of the computer. It is easily recognizable because it is the biggest card in your machine.
It is on this that will come to connect all components. For this, there are all sorts of different connections.
Here is a diagram of the main types of connections that you find on your motherboard.

There are several types of motherboards, according to the standards and formats :
- The ATX (305x244mm) This is the most used format.
- The Mini ATX (244x244mm) It is found in the medium boxes.
- The ITX format (215x195mm) Designed to be very small motherboards.
- The BTX format (325x267mm) Rare because manufacturers have quickly abandoned the idea.
Each manufacturer declines series following two types of processors (AMD and Intel).
The motherboard is a very complex, because it is composed of numerous chips (chipset, which is composed of Northbridge and Southbridge) that deal with different data, then return them to the processor.

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