Pc Activity - Processor  


The processor (or CPU for "Central Processing Unit") is the heart of the computer. It can process and calculate all data stored in different types of memory (hard drives, RAM, etc ....)

The speed of your machine depends primarily on the power of your processor. The higher the rate (expressed in MHz) is high, and the machine will be fast.

There are 2 main brands are Intel and AMD. There are also several types of processors :
- The single core (one unit of computation)
- The dual cores (two computational units)
- The tree cores (which are quad cores with one core disabled)
- The quad cores (four computational units)

Is easily recognized an Intel CPU of AMD.

At Intel, the processors are generally more compact and have two notches (or keyed) to both sides of the plate
Under the processor, there are just two contacts who liaise between it and the motherboard.

However, at AMD, the CPUs have "spikes" at their base, and as a keyed, there are just a small arrow in the corner (as pictured).

Hint: Each CPU has registered the mark, serial number, and other information about the series of it (batch).

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