Pc Activity - Disassemble desktop computer  

Desktop computer

We will explain how to disassemble a computer.

This will allow you to clean the various components that need it, to be able to add memory, change a hard drive, understand what there is in thy lap, etc...

I. Open the pc

Used a phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 2 screws located at the rear of the computer.
Lay it on the side to make dragging of the side plate easier.

II. Within the pc

Here is the inside of the computer once opened and a brief description of the main devices:

In purple: the power supply.
In green: the readers/writable CD/DVD.
In dark blue: the floppy drive.
In light blue: the processor fan, which is located on the processor.
In red: the hard drive.
In Orange: the graphics card.
In yellow: the network card.

III. Dismantling of expansion cards

For the network card, simply remove the screws, and now you can remove card.
For the graphics card, remove the screw.
And then push on the small white latch at the rear of the port, to unblock the card then it is enough to remove the card.

IV. Disconnecting the cables

Power cable, here is the cd player, it is enough to pull on, and to make the case for cables to power supplies of the other drives and hard drives.
IDE cable, same operation for the power supplies cables.
Here is the power cable from the motherboard, that must be removed by pressing the small hint before to be able to draw on the plug.
Here is the second power cable from the motherboard The taken COM, it powered the secondary components of the motherboard. It may be that thou wilt not isa that the connector 24 fact sheets.
In Blue: this is the IDE cable to the drive(s) CD. In green: This is the IDE cable to the disc(s) hard. In red: this is the IDE cable for the diskette drive.

V. Drives and hard drives

Unscrewed the 2 screws on each device and abstracted the latter by pushing just above. In some cases, there are also 2 other screws on the other side of the device (thou shalt if thou note a resistance in trying to retrieve the device), in this case, enlevess the 2e side plate, and Unscrewed in the same way.
In the pc which we occupied, the hard disk is place otherwise that in most cases. That is to say that in general, the hard disk is placed in the same sense that the drives and is removed in the same way.
Here is a hard drive, put in by most of the cases.
But in our case you must remove the face of the case by pulling it.
To achieve the 4 screws to remove.

VI. Power Supplies

We will disassemble the power, to do this, removed the 4 screws at the rear of the enclosure. Once you unscrew, it is sufficient to extract it from the enclosure.

VII. Content motherboard

Shoots on the small white latches on each side of the slat of RAM for the retrieve.
Do not forget to withdraw these cables, which are used to the buttons and other leds in the front of the computer (power button, reset, light red when the hard disk work, etc). Looks at the meaning and place of the cables to not deceive thee when thou shalt the trace.

VIII. Processor

Now it has more than the processor, and obviously, the fan which is above. Often the ventilo is screwed to the cooler (species of radiator gray in metal), it faudras therefore the unscrew, in our case, it is fixed above, there is no screws. We have therefore withdrawn all in a room.
Therefore to remove the cooler, there are several ways, depending on the system for fixing, but often there is a handling to do with one or several screwdriver. Here are pulled slightly with the screwdriver for levering the toolbar metal canister which blocked the refroisisseur, once done, it is sufficient to take in hand.
Surveying the small bar metal canister to unlock the processor and power the retrieve. Here in yellow we have the where is located the thermal paste.
After it is enough to take it with the fingers, by being very careful in handling it. Attention also not to touch the thermal grease, otherwise it faudras rely.
It is the socket (where the processor is fixed), and thou lain down as in the upper corners there is a hole at least, that is to reset the processor in the good sense, and it can do no wrong, and on this processor, the corners to get to these places are same arrows.

IX. Unscrew the motherboard

Now you just have to unscrew the 6 screws on the motherboard and remove it from the enclosure.
And now thy enclosure is empty (note that in the our, there is always the drives and hard drive that we have not unmounted). Thou must see the sub vis which its used to ask the motherboard and the fix.

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