Acer Aspire 1700 Series

Here we will dismantle an Acer Aspire 1710. But this tutorial is valid for Acer Aspire 1700 series.
Read it in full before starting.
Good work !

    I. Open notebook
   II. CD player
   IV. Hard drive
    V. Wireless Network Card (WiFi)
   VI. Graphics Card
  VII. Bios battery (CMOS) and speaker
 VIII. Battery
   IX. CPU cooler
    X. The screen
   XI. The keyboard
  XII. Opening the housing
 XIII. Memory card reader
  XIV. The motherboard

I. Open notebook

Unscrewed the 7 screws from the bottom of the laptop, take away the plate by pulling on the end protruding from the top.

II. CD player

Unscrew the screw that holds the CD (green arrow), use pliers to spout end to retrieve lost screws.
Drag the CD outward with the thumb (blue mark).
Gently pull, if a bit stuck, do not force, it must return again and out into the fesant rotate on each side.


Unclip the two white clips on each side and come out gently.

IV. Hard drive

Unscrew the 6 screws.
Get up the latch and pull gently upward.
Pull the power cable of the hard disk.
You can now remove the hard drive.
You should see this:

V. Wireless Network Card (WiFi)

It lies between the cd player and speakerphone.
To remove it is very simple, just remove the two small wires attached.
(CAUTION colors look good wire, and return them to their place)
Tu peux les tirer avec tes ongles et tenir la carte avec l'autre doigt.
Pull from the clips on each side, she'll go alone up and you can remove it.

VI. Graphics Card

Unscrewed the 4 black screws (green arrows) and then recovered the screws with the needle nose pliers.
Disconnect the cable connecting the card to the screen by simply pulling
(Be careful not to damage the small wire (red rectangle))
This graphics card is disconnected from the motherboard.
To remove, the raised (as pictured) and then do the slide on the right.
Si tu veux enlever le refroidisseur, enlèves les 7 petites vis du dessus (flèche bleues) et les 2 autres vis en dessous (flèches jaunes). If you want to remove the cooler, take away the 7 small screws on top (blue arrow) and the other 2 screws underneath (yellow arrows).

VII. Bios battery (CMOS) and speaker

You now have access to the battery of the bios. Here she is in the blue plastic with red and black twisted lines. Others are black and red wire to the speaker.
The speaker is attached with two screws (green arrows).
To make a clear CMOS (bios reset the default), disconnect the battery for about ten minutes and reconnected it.
To disconnect the speaker does not pull the wire but using your nails to remove the connector.

VIII. Battery

For the battery, unscrew the 5 screws (green arrows) and lift.

IX. CPU cooler

Disconnect the cable (top right) of fan.
Here you have to respect the order of 1,2,3 screws. For unscrewed unscrewed and pushed together.
Unscrewed the screws to back up, the sounds you hear are the springs.
Here you can remove the whole block.

X. The screen

Unscrewed the 3 screws (green arrows), take away the plate and then unscrewed the four screws, two on each side.
Then take away the two caches.
Unscrewed the screws on each side.
Pushes the cable from the wireless card and the display screen in order to remove the rest of the notebook.

XI. The keyboard

To remove the plaque above the keyboard, using a screwdriver.
Once opened with a twist, the plate gently withdrawn by pulling.
Unscrewed the 6 screws (green arrows) and gently lifted the keyboard.
To remove the layer of cable you have absolutely unclip the clips on each side, the layer of cable comes out easily.
Unscrewed the 4 screws of the plate (green arrows) and withdrawn the layer of cable.
Withdrawn then the 11 screws from the top (red arrows).
Also Unscrewed the other 2 (blue arrows).
Unscrewed the screws following :
8 screws (green arrows, they are not all)
4 screws underneath the battery (red arrows)
4 screws on the CD player (blue arrows)
4 small screws on the motherboard (yellow arrows)
Checked if there are no more screws I have not been able to trace them all. If you know where I forgot to shoot thank you for telling me.

XII. Opening the housing

Rotations the PC and it works like the picture with a flat screwdriver.
Gently open and look if there is no cable constraint.
We are here.

XIII. Memory card reader

Unscrew the 3 screws (green arrows) and take away the connector (red rectangle).

XIV. The motherboard

Normally all screws must be removed from the motherboard. Straighten the part containing the motherboard and spread your plastic contour of the motherboard.
This motherboard is output.