Toshiba Qosmio G30

Here we will disassemble a Toshiba Qosmio G30.
Read in full before you begin.
Dismantling good!

    I. Open notebook
   II. Hard Drive
   IV. Cache CD
    V. Lower plate
   VI. Keyboard
  VII. Cables: Bluetooth, WiFi, screen, ...
 VIII. Separation between motherboard and screen
   IX. The bios battery
    X. Touchpad
   XI. Multimedia buttons
  XII. The screen
 XIII. Motherboard

I. Open notebook

Remove the battery, shoots on the latch with padlock and withdrawn the battery.
After dismantling the different plates (both hard drives and ram).

II. Hard Drive

Unscrewed the hard drives.
Tips: look closely at where each hard drive is not to reverse them when thou remonteras.
Remove the hard drives by pulling the plastic for this purpose to you.


Separate the two latches at the same time, the bar will stand alone and then carefully withdrawn. Rehearsals this to the second.
Council to submit: insert the strip vertically and then shoots it, it snaps on her own. Verified sense, there is keyed so that (slot which is located on the edge of the card).

IV. Cache CD

Remove the screw from the cd player.
Lift it to remove it.

V. Lower plate

Unscrewed the 21 screws and the plate raised just about everywhere to make sure you do not forget.
Do not withdrawn now then just raised.
The plate should unclip at several locations.

VI. Keyboard

Remove the plastic bar that holds the keyboard. With your fingernails it should come easily.
Unscrew the two screws that hold the keyboard.
Push the latch (above F8) to unclip the keyboard.
Raised it, then tires slightly upward, attention to the web which is attached below.
Unscrewed the four screws under the keyboard and the two metal plates withdrawn gray.
To remove the water on the keyboard, déclipses each side at the same time.

VII. Cables: Bluetooth, WiFi, screen, ...

Withdrawn the two screws from the modem and the two screws on the wireless card.
Withdrawn the two cables of wireless card (on the map there is an indication, black arrow and white to avoid reversed cables).
Tires on the paper gently from the modem to unhook the cable and tires.
Warning back to well connect the sound card.
Unclip the cable and the water then shoots the lock (yellow) to remove the Bluetooth card.
Withdrawn the plate by pushing the plastic (like with my finger in this picture) and then shoots the metal plate down to remove it.
Pulls on the black plastic to disconnect the cable and then disconnected the second cable that is below the first by sliding.
Withdrawn the two cables.
Remove the first cable by sliding the second and remove by unclipping two clips brown and pulling the plastic tab.

VIII. Separation between motherboard and screen

Remove the CD player by pulling it.
Gently lifted the plate, making sure that all cables are removed, otherwise you have forgotten.
This is the pc open in 2:

IX. The bios battery

Get out the battery from its slot and unplugged the cable to remove it.
If you need to clear the RTC, the withdrawn ten minutes.

X. Touchpad

Unscrewed the screws and slide the touchpad do to extract it.

XI. Boutons multimédias

Unscrewed the two screws, cable withdrawn by unclipping the clips then withdrawn brown plate buttons.

XII. The screen

To remove the screen, we think it necessary to remove the hinge.
The problem is that this pc is returned twice under warranty and that these parts are glued.
So we unfortunately can not show you how to disassemble the screen.

XIII. Motherboard

Unscrewed the 11 screws from the motherboard.
Withdrawn after the black plastic and the cable by unclipping.
Go back on pc.
Disconnected three cables, always in the same way.
You can lift the motherboard, always careful to do it gently to make sure everything is disconnected.
Unscrewed the two screws and two clips on the shoots as for the ram to remove the TV Tunner card.
This motherboard once out of the PC.