Pc Activity - Bootable USB key Windows 7  

Installation of Windows 7 from a USB key

We'll create a USB key bootable to install Windows 7 from this one.

I. Preparation of the USB key

Plug-in your USB key then execute cmd.exe

First, tape "diskpart"
Second "list disk" to show the list of drives connected to the computer.
Finally "select disk x" (where x is the number of your USB key, in our example it is 2).

Once your drive selected, we need to clean it.
Tape "clean"
Then create a partition primary typing "create partition primary"
Now active it typing "active".

We will format the key typing "format fs=fat32 quick"
And the last command to assign a letter: "assign"

Our key is now ready to welcome Windows 7.
You just need to copy / paste from the files.

Possible error during installation :

It is possible that during the Windows installation the following error is displayed
"A required CD/DVD device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk,CD, DVD or USB flash drive, please insert it now.
Note. If the windows installation media is in the drive, you can safely remove it for this step."
At this point, Windows does not recognize USB3.0 devices.
Check that your USB key is in a USB2.0 port, if not, change the port.

Designed and Developed by DE SIMONE Dorian & ESSER Nicolas