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Use of Bootvis

Bootvis is a utility for Windows XP only, it optimizes Windows startup.
First here is the link to download it.

I. Use of Bootvis

Runs Bootvis
Check that all options are checked. Then selects "Trace" > "Next Boot + Driver Delays".

Then click on "OK" then on "Reboot now".
The computer will now reboot.

Once the computer is on again wait a minute that Bootvis restarts itself.
And there it displays processes that start with the different stages of evolution.

Now we will optimize the start. Click on "Trace" > "Optimize System".
Then on "Reboot now".

The computer will restart again and you should see the message telling you that the system is being improved.
The window closes and your system is optimized.

Optional :
You can restart Bootvis to do "Trace" > "Next Boot + Driver Delays" to see the changes.

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