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Clean your PC with Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is like Tune Up Utilities but the free version is a software optimization and cleaning for Windows. Glary will allow you to clean your computer and avoid any slowdown. And also a lot of other interesting thing. We speak here of the free version.

I. Downloading and installing

Before handling close your windows and save your documents.
Start by downloading the file below.

A window opens and offers: Run, save, cancel. Click Run Do Next -> "I understand and accept the ..." -> The toolbar you can uncheck -> next -> next .... Run Glary Utilities.

II. Glary use

Well, now we're going to do simple cleaning. You just click on "1-Click Maintenance" and then "Search Errors". If you want you can check or uncheck the options you want, by default this is good too.

Is it good ? He found something ? Well, you just click on repair.
It's already a good job there

Now we go to the tab "Modules"

III. Clean / Repair

Disk Cleaner is used to clean up temporary files and unnecessary.
Selects the disk of your choice, and click Next.
Once completed, check the files to delete and then click Next.
Click Finish, and then Close.

Registry cleaner removes invalid entries from the registry.
Click "Scan registry" in the top left, wait for the end.
Then click on "Repair", then "Close".

Repair shortcuts to delete invalid shortcuts after a moving target file, start menu or desktop.
Select the desired option, then click "Scan".
Once finished, click "Delete" in the toolbar above.

Uninstall manager, to uninstall the programs that are installed on your computer and also offers the ability to save, restore and delete the key uninstalling a program.

Save an uninstall key :
Selected program.
Click File -> Save uninstall key.
Then choose the directory where you want to save, then click Save.

Delete an entry :
Click on the program.
Just click on "Remove entry" in the toolbar and confirm by clicking Ok.
The program no longer appears in "Add / Remove Programs".

Restore uninstall key :
Click on File -> Restore uninstall key.
Select the desired program key file, click Open, and then OK.
The program returns to "Add / Remove Programs".

IV. Optimize / improve

Startup Manager allows you to manage the programs that start at the same time as Windows so if your computer is slow to start, you can disable the software. This option is similar to the command "msconfig".

Memory Optimizer allows you to manage memory on the computer.

Manager menu allows you to change the options available when you right-click on a file or folder.

Registry Defragmenter speeds up the pc by defragmenting, cleaning and reducing the registry.

V. Privacy / Security

Trace Eraser removes traces of use as browser history, cookies, recent documents, history Start menu ...

File shredder erases files, to avoid that they can not be recovered easily, it also serves to wipe the free space of the hard disk to permanently delete files put in the trash.

File Recovery allows him to recover files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin. Delete its files do not always recoverable if the hard drive has rewritten it is too late.

"Encryption / decryption file to protect password files and unprotect.

VI. Files / folders

Disk scan allows to know the space taken up folders and files.

Duplicate Finder analyzes the hard disk to find the files that are in multiple copies on disk.

Detector empty folders scan the disk to find empty folders.

Cutting / reassembly File Can cut or paste up files. Do not forget to check the "Add the auto-reassembly to pack."

VII. System tools

Process Manager is the windows task manager with a small option either.

Assistant Internet Explorer to manage toolbar, context menus, buttons, ... same option in Internet Explorer.

System Information just the information system.

Windows Tools features quick access to Windows, everything is very well described.

Ouff... That's been a long tutorial, but I think that says it all.

Designed and Developed by DE SIMONE Dorian & ESSER Nicolas