Pc Activity - Thermal grease  

Thermal grease

Your CPU too hot ? The computer turns off by itself ?
Here is a small tutorial on thermal paste, everything you need to know to put the grease and to reduce the temperature of your CPU

Materials needed :

Thermal grease, screwdriver and of course the part to be coated.

I. Checking temperatures

You have to go in the BIOS. At startup "F2" or "Delete". Here the processor is at 92°c.
A little too hot...

II. Removing the radiator

Not very complicated, you just unscrew the screws in the 4 corners.
After raising the radiator, lifting the latch and take out the processor.

III. Application of the thermal grease

Before putting the thermal grease, cleaned out the processor and radiator with a plastic scraper to remove the old grease then wiped with a slightly damp cloth (very little).
Put the processor in its slot (there is a corner that is different, look good and especially not force), locked it and apply thermal grease.

IV. Reassembling the radiator

Gently laying radiatior atop the CPU and screw the 4 screws.

V. Checking temperatures

Once everything is reassembled you will recheck the temperatures in the BIOS.
Ah ! it is much better. It goes from 92° to 33°.
Thank you thermal grease !

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