Pc Activity - PDFCreator  

Uses of PDFCreator 1er partie

PDFCreator is a small program, easy to use, allowing you to convert all your printable files, word, excel, pictures, ... in pdf file. It can also merge your pdf documents (explanation in the 2nd part of the tutorial).

I. Download and installation

Avant toute manipulation fermez vos fenêtres et sauvegardez.
Before handling close your windows and save.

A window opens and offers you: Run, save, cancel. Click on execute Choose the language -> OK -> Next -> « I accept the agreement » -> Next -> « standard installation » -> Next -> name of printer « PDFCreator » -> Next -> « c:\program... » -> Next -> uncheck the box « I accept the Terms of Use... » -> 4 times Next -> Install -> Finish

II. Use of PDFCreator

Well, now, open a document, no matter which one. In the example, I will take a word document.
Once your document is opened.

Do « file > print ». Choose PDFCreator as printer.

Name your document as you want -> Save
Choose where to save it.

Now your file is in pdf.

Uses of PDFCreator 2nd part

Here is the second part of PDFCreator, this part will explain how to merge several files in one pdf file.
You can merge multiple file types, Word, pdf, ... provided that they be printable, pdf with word, pdf with pdf ...

I. Combination of multiple files

Open all the documents to be merged.
Do « File -> print » as explained in the first part of the tutorial.

Don't save, but click on « Wait - Collect »

The software adds your document in the list.
Now take your second document, "print" -> PDFCreator
Automatically, the software adds the document.

Place your documents in order by using the arrows (red)
Once your documents are set as you like, made "Combine file" (green)
Then click on « print » (bleu)

Name your document and click on « Save ».
Now your documents are merged, in pdf, in the order you set.

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