Pc Activity - RJ45  

RJ45 Network Cable

Here we will tell you how to make a network cable called RJ45 (8P8C).
Read the whole before you begin.
Good job !

Materials needed:

RJ45 plug, crimping tool, wire cutters, network cable (here we have some category 5, the most used) wire stripper (optional) you can also use a knife, be careful when stripping not to cut the cables in the sheath.

    I. Stripping
   II. Order of the cables
  III. Gather the cables
   IV. Cutting cables
    V. Installation the cables in the plug
   VI. Crimp

I. Stripping

Cut the network cable at the length you want.
Carefully remove the outer jacket of the cable. Be careful when stripping the jacket as to not nick or cut the internal wiring.

II. Order of the cables

Inspect the newly revealed wires for any cuts or scrapes that expose the copper wire inside. If you have breached the protective sheath of any wire, you will need to cut the entire segment of wires off and start over at step one.
Untwist the pairs so they will lay flat between your fingers and place them in the correct order. (See Table).

III. Gather the cables

Press all the wires flat and parallel between your thumb and forefinger like on the picture.

IV. Cutting cables

Cut the cables with the wire cutters or the crimping tool at the same size.
The length depend of the outer jacket (grey), the outer jacket should enter in the plug until the notch that will catch the cable.

V. Installation the cables in the plug

Keep the wires flat and in order as you push them into the RJ-45 plug with the flat surface of the plug on top. You should be able to see a wire located in each hole, as seen at the picture. You may have to use a little effort to push the pairs firmly into the plug.
Attention to the direction, pin 1 is the following, verified that the eight pines are in the correct order. The gray cable should be correctly under the notch.

VI. Crimp

Place the wired plug into the crimping tool. Give the handle a firm squeeze. You should hear a ratcheting noise as you continue. Once you have completed the crimp, the handle will reset to the open position. To ensure all pins are set, some prefer to double-crimp by repeating this step.
Check that all the cables haven't move and that the outer jacket is good crimped, otherwise the cables could get out easily.
Repeat all of the above steps with the other end of the cable.

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